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Akam trading company has started its activities since 2009 with the aim of exporting chemical, petro chemical, and mineral substances of Iran in the range of Middle East and middle Asia and also importing and preparing of raw material which is demanded by internal industries.

Exact acquaintance of company`s managers with all needs and demands of different industries, successful international experiences, firm trade relationships, possibility of access to different sources , firm providers , and expert specialists has made this company as one of the most powerful ones in the business.

Constant trade activities with different countries such as: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Armenia, Kazakh Republic and Uzbek Republic besides giving consultation in area of transportation, transit and clearance of materials is resulted in an extensive presence in the international markets in recent years.

Akam`s trade powers:

Preparing of raw chemical materials, and industrial equipment which are used in different industries such as: oil, gas, and petro chemical industries, food industries, textile industries, water and wastewater industries from valid providers.

Producing custom-made products in European, American, and Japanese factories.

Marketing and exporting of domestic manufacturers’ mineral, chemical and petro chemical products.

Transiting products from all customs of Iran and Turkey (aerial, terrestrial, naval).

Giving naval, terrestrial, and aerial transportation services from all over the world to Iran.

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