Applications and Benefits Borax Decca

Soaps and detergents

Borax Decca in most detergent products to prevent high acidity of solutions, speed up the emulsion is used and caustic soda also has similar properties but is less in degree. Borax Decca juicy the removal of dirt in an industrial process soap is added to the composition.

Personal care products

Borax Decca juicy in many cosmetics, sanitary and pharmaceutical use. The chemical composition of these products, Borax Decca is used as a bonding agent. Borax also as a base in a variety of lotions and creams are used.

Flux of metals

Borax Decca due to its high capability in solving the recycling of metal papers or charred metal oxides such as brass, copper, lead and zinc is of great use. Borax Decca is used in the steel industry as a cover to prevent oxidation on the surface of the molten bullion. This product is used in welding and soldering metal surfaces, to covers. It also acts as a solvent and antiseptic.


Of Borax Decca in most water systems to be used to prevent corrosion of metal engraved on it. This product is used to protect ferrous metals against oxidation. Borax Decca be used in the formulation of the coolant used in the types of vehicles and engines; Also in product formulation, chemical disinfectants used in water treatment.


Borax Decca is one of the compounds used in the formulation of corrugated paper and cardboard paper. Borax Decca agent for improve tack and adhesion strength through crosslinking hydroxyl groups are chemical compounds.

Refractory products

Borax Decca-containing compounds as a stabilizer and cohesive units used in chemical products.

Borax Decca caused provide medium temperature before the start of the process is the production of glass and ceramics. At which point the temperature borate compound evaporates and is removed from the ambient.

Physical and chemical properties


Borax Decca is stable under normal storage conditions. Borax in a dry warm and environment to slowly lose its crystal water. In contrast, exposure to a moist environment can be recrystallized, and thus the storage to ensure this does not damage the eating of wide fluctuations in temperature and humidity must be prevented.


Borax when dissolved in water causes alkaline hydrolysis resulting in a tested environment. The Borax is used to neutralize the acid. Sodium compounds with strong alkalis (compounds with low pH) environment PH balance. Based on the aforementioned it can be concluded Borax is an excellent buffering agent.

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