Description : Scientific name: Nitric Acid (HNO3)

Industrial name: Nitric acid

Other names: Acid, nitrogen, hydrogen nitrate, aqua Fortis

Nitric acid is a strong acid and corrosive liquid that is obtained by the oxidation of ammonia and reducing the reaction with water. Nitric acid is pure and colorless and it is an oxidizing agent. This acid reacts with many metals and is used for the extraction of gold. Right now the most use of Nitric acid is in producing agricultural .

fertilizers like:

Nitrate fertilizers, Nitro phosphates and blended fertilizers.

Nitric acid is used in producing Ammonium nitrate, agriculture, Synthetic colors, military industry, Nitrate salts, metallurgy of pigments and printing industries as well.

The uses of Nitric acid:

-Nitrate salts

- Military industry

- Synthetic colors

- Plating industry

-Food industry

- Metallurgy of pigments and printing industries

- In the preparation of agricultural ammonium nitrate, solvents

Physical properties:

Appearance: light yellow, stench, tang and suffocating

Shape: dissolved

Packing: in bulk (approximately 22 tons) and 220liter battles and 60 liter gallons.

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