Description : Industrial name: caustic soda

Other name: sodium hydroxide

sodium hydroxide or caustic soda with chemical formula NaoH is a solid substance with the melting

degree of 1390º and density of 13/2.

This substance can easily absorb the humidity, so it should be under protective clothing during

transportation. In touch with skin, this combination has a corrosive effect and to prevent it`s burning. effects, it should be noted when using.

The uses of caustic soda:

-Paint industry

-Leather and textile industry

-Cardboard and paper production

-Oil, gas and petrochemical industries

Neutralizing the acid and battery making

-Fat debugger making and other related industries

-Metal industry and making glass, zinc, aluminum, galvanizing and electro plating

-Food industries, milk industries, cannery, soft drink making, sugar factory, oil extraction

Physical properties:

Color: white

Shape: solid (flake)

Packing: 25 kg bags (2 ply poly ethylene and poly propylene)

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