Antidepressant effects of ketamine contain ascorbic acid and regulation of GABA (GABAA) and GABA B (GABAB)


BACKGROUND: According to reportedly, impaired G- aminobutyric acid regulation (GABA) neurotransmitter in conjunction with, and also one of the reasons disorder is depression. To treat depression "ketamine" (antidepressant with exceptionally high effect) medicine is suitable. Considering recent tests, ascorbic acid antidepressant effect of ketamine will apply through the same mechanism. Present study assess the effects of receptors, GABA A and GABA-B and how to treat depression as compared with products including ascorbic acid, ketamine is done.


This test was carried out on rats in this method with are less thaneffective amount of ascorbic acid (0.1 mg / kg, po) and ketamine (0.1 mg / kg, ip) was applied. After 30 minutes, much of Muscimol was given to rats (0.1 mg / kg, ip). In another experiment, rats with active amount of ascorbic acid (1 mg / kg, po) were treated; After 30 minutes Baclofen (1 mg / kg, ip) was added to the test.

Same procedure outlined above experiments with ketamine (1 mg / kg, ip) were carried out.

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