Zinc is an inorganic compounds chemical formula ZnSo4.

Zinc is essence of a three-hydrated. Zinc is a common source of ions colorless solid soluble. In this matter crystals on the various of 1, 6, 7 molecules of water or salt-free water. Between various forms Zinc Sulfate, Zinc sulphite in between the 7 H2O and ZnSo4 are has special importance.

Zinc is an element that is necessary in small amounts for plant physiological responses needed to do and these activities an important role in the photosynthesis and the formation of sugar, protein synthesis, fertility and growth and their resistance to disease. If zinc deficiency weakened physiological activity and health and productivity of the plant are very impressed

Among the main micronutrients, zinc sulfate many benefits, lack of identify of the product is clearly observed, Zinc deficiency is a common cause of soil and leaf analysis.

Zinc normally in the form of sulfate minerals, silicate and carbonate are found in Earth's crust and PH by reducing solubility in water is high, so severe zinc deficiency in calcareous soils.

Zinc sulfate plant a catalytic role in many enzyme systems and is essential role in protein synthesis and the production of seed used effectively.

On the contrary, the amount of zinc sulfate relationship with plant age and older plants and use less amount of zinc sulfate.

Most appropriate to address the shortage of fertilizer, zinc sulphate is based on the number of molecules of water is between 22 to 34% Who farms corn - rice - soybean and small grains around 40 kg of zinc sulfate added to the soil before planting, but in the case of apple trees, pear, pistachio and citrus should be about 250-100 g per tree shadow on the track placement water passing under the soil.


• Indications Zinc:

In field of agriculture

Protective for skins and leather

Tire dough industry

Paper Pulp and paper industry

As the electrolyte in the electrolytic

As a corrosive paints Rosie

coagulant in the production of rayon

paints, pigments and related products

Supply of zinc in animal feed, fertilizer and sprays

Preparation textiles, dyeing and printing of chintz and calico

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