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Sodium phosphate, tribasic; (Sodium hexametaphosphate; Calgon)

CAS Registry Number (CASRN):

10124-56-8 ,

Units of original limits:

mg/m3 ,

Conc dep:

Y ,


Sodium phosphate, tribasic; (Sodium hexametaphosphate; Calgon) ,


Na6P6O18 ,

CAS Registry Number (CASRN):

10124-56-8 ,

SAX Number:

SHM500 ,

Units of original limits:

mg/m3 ,

Conc dep:

Y ,

p to m:

25.0035 ,


3 ,

state at 25 °C:

S ,

Molar mass (g/mol):

611.7704 ,

Density (g/cm3):

2.484 ,

Melting point (°C):

۶۲۸ ,

Boiling point (°C):

‎1500 ,


Sodium hexametaphosphate


Sodium Hexametaphosphate is a clear, colorless, odorless, and essentially free of foreign matter product. The solution is offered in various strengths. It is used as sequestrate and preservative adjunct in dairy products. Sodium Hexametaphosphate is also used in water treatment as a sequestrate for alkali metals, corrosion control, scale control, softening, and red and black water control. This product is Kosher, NAFTA, and HALAL approved. This product is gluten-free, and acceptable to use for vegetarians and vegans. There are no genetically modified, or manufactured with genetically modified, materials in this product.

What is SHMP used in?

Artificial maple syrup, canned milk, cheese powders and dips, imitation cheese, whipped topping, packaged egg whites, roast beef, fish fillets, fruit jelly, frozen desserts, salad dressing, herring, breakfast cereal, ice cream, beer, and bottled beverages, among other foods, can contain sodium hexametaphosphate

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