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Silica gel

CAS Registry Number (CASRN):

63231-67-4 ,

Units of original limits:

mg/m3 ,

Conc dep:

N ,


Silica gel ,


Si.O2 ,

CAS Registry Number (CASRN):

63231-67-4 ,

SAX Number:

N.I.S. ,

Units of original limits:

mg/m3 ,

Conc dep:

N ,

Vapor Pressure:

173210 ,

specific gravity:

2.2 ,

state at 25 °C:

S ,

Melting point (°C):

1610 ,

Boiling point (°C):

2503 ,


Silica gel

How to Preserve Meat with Oxygen Absorbers?

Only Oxygen Absorbers are the best for Meat Wrapping

Generally dehydrated foods such as meats, ready to eat meals are requires an utmost attention in offering the necessary barriers to avoid the spoilage of food. The major concern while packaging any type of food product is the fear of low shelf life or degradation. Meat or beef jerky related products are most vulnerable to damage as well as contamination due to which specialized jerky & beef packaging techniques have been achieved by means of oxygen absorbers. Oxygen absorbers find its great use in the (USFDA approved) tyvek paper bags in order to prevent the development of microorganisms and fungi that can make the meat & jerky not fit to eat. This is accomplished by maintaining the oxygen levels inside the pouches or any other packing to zero. Lack of oxygen prevents beef jerky from getting rotted. For consumers and manufacturers, this provides fresher beef jerky that has a longer shelf life.

Assistances of oxygen absorbers:

• Prevents the growth of spoilage organisms and aerobic pathogens

• Prevents the need for additives like BHT, BHA, sorbets, sulfur dioxide and benzoates

• Reduces or eliminates the necessity for preservatives

• Protects the color of meats

• Prevents rancidity and degradation of polyunsaturated oils and fats

• Prevents the oxidation of oleoresins in seasoned foods and spices

• Prevents the oxidation of vitamins C, E and A.

• Slows down the growth of mold in cheeses and several other fermented dairy stuffs

Oxygen absorbers have completely revolutionized the way dehydrated foods are stored for the long term. O2 absorbers are highly effective for food storage, especially in the application of beef jerky & meat packaging. They are nothing but a small packet with iron powder. These packets are made using a material, which enables moisture and oxygen to enter, but don’t allow iron powder to be leaked. While being used in beef jerky packages do not allow the content inside the pouch to get spoiled and keep the pouch highly protected and safe.

Oxidation is a main source of spoilage and deterioration of contents. Some of the indications of oxidation include mold growth, discoloration and swelling of the package. Oxygen is critical not just for humans, but also for molds and microorganisms as well. Nevertheless, residual oxygen present inside the packaging cause insect damage, loss of quality and values of the product. Hence, elimination of oxygen inside the package is a greater concern to keep the contents with extended shelf life and quality.

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