Description : Scientific name: Poly Aluminum Chloride

Industrial name: Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC)

In recent years, Poly Aluminum Chloride - Briefly called PAC- is widely used as an alternative to the traditional aluminum sulfate coagulant and Chloroferric. Right now, Poly Aluminum Chloride has become one of the most commonly used coagulant in water treatment in countries like: America, Canada, China, Italy, France and England.

Many industries in Iran are using this substance as an alternative of old coagulants.

The uses of (PAC):

-Drinking water treatment

- Paper and cellulose industry

- Municipal Wastewater Treatment

-Treatment of agricultural wastewater

-Textile industry, leather, Treatment of Wastewater of chemical companies and oil and petro chemicals

Physical properties:

Appearance: yellow color

Shape: solid and liquid

Packing: liquid In bulk and the solid one in 25 kg bags.

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