Description : Scientific name: Orange Silica Gel

Silica Gel is used as the most powerful and effective dehumidificator among all dehumidificators.the moisture in the air always has damages and impacts the products in producing proses, storage and transport stages. The smell of humidity, corrosion, mold, fungus, rust, fog corrosion are from deleterious effects of moisture.

Silica Gel decreases the relative humidity of its surrounding environment with the absorption of water molecules. Consequently, it protects any kind of substance against the harmful effects and damages of moisture in production, storage and transport stages.

Orange Silica Gel has a combined color that despite of

the cobalt salt (the color factor in blue silica gel) is

Nontoxic and prevents environmental pollution. This product with unique technique and super absorbency (higher

than blue silica gel), is introduced as the new product of silica gel and “the friend of environment”.

The orange silica gel can be used in Military, aviation, construction, electrical and especially pharmaceutical and food

Industries, which have direct relation with health, with confidence and without any worries about being toxic.

This kind of silica gel changes from dark orange into dark green when absorbing humidity. Orange silica gel is

Produced in two shapes of granule and spherical. Its spherical type has narrow pores and free of dust because of

This reason it is preferable to the granule one.

Some uses of silica Gel:

-double glazing glass

-Air adsorption dryers

-Military equipment and weapons

-Oil, gas and petro chemical industries

-Storage (food, chemical, drug and etc.)

-Transportation (shipping containers, ships)

-Telecommunication, electronic and computerized devices

-Producing industrial gas (oxygen, carbon dioxide)

-Warehouse and electricity distribution networks(transformer and turbines ,etc.)

-Antiquities and museums (valuable documents, stamp collection, picture collection, coin, silver, jewelry and etc.

-Drug and laboratory industries (medical diagnostic kits, drug, vitamins, effervescent tabs and etc.)

-packing industry (bag and shoes, food, powder, hand craft and leather industries and tiny and sensitive equipments )

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