Description : Scientific name: Iron sulfate with FeSO4 chemical formula

Other name: Green vitriol, plant and soil vitamin

Iron sulfate is a compound with FeSO4.7H2O formula that depending to it`s PH, can be produced in shape of blue or green crystals. In normal condition, there is 7 water molecules in the Iron sulfate combination and if dried, it will lose 6 molecules and change into a white mono hydrate powder.

Iron sulfate is from the raw materials of producing Chemical fertilizers. The amount of Iron sulfate is different in cereals and fruit trees according to crop type and soil type. For example, for Pistachio trees are in the areas of salt marsh, it has the most amount.

The uses of iron sulfate:

- production of fertilizers

- Agricultural micronutrients

- Farmland and orchards.

The chemical analysis of iron sulfate:

Physical properties:

Appearance: blue or green crystals

Shape: solid

Packing: 25 kg bags

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