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Iron oxide; (Ferric oxide)

CAS Registry Number (CASRN):

1345-25-1 ,

Units of original limits:

mg/m3 ,

Conc dep:

N ,


Iron oxide; (Ferric oxide) ,


FeO ,

CAS Registry Number (CASRN):

1345-25-1 ,

SAX Number:

G7036X8B5H  ,

Units of original limits:

mg/m3 ,

Conc dep:

N ,

p to m:

6.52716 ,


3 ,

state at 25 °C:

S ,

Molar mass (g/mol):

71.844 ,

Density (g/cm3):

5.745 ,

Melting point (°C):

۱٬۳۷۷ ,

Boiling point (°C):

‎3414 ,


Iron oxide

Description : Scientific name: Iron oxide

Other name: Hematite, magnetite, Ferrous oxide

Iron oxide is a chemical combination that is made of Iron and Oxygen. Totally there are 16 kinds of iron oxide and oxyhydroxide.this oxide has an important role in many biological and geological processes and is used widely as iron ore, pigments, and catalysts in thermite.

The uses of Iron oxide:


-paint industry

-Production of ceramic tiles

-Variety of colored mosaic

Physical properties:

Appearance: Ochre color

Shape: powder

Packing: in 25 kg bags

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