Description : Scientific name: Aluminum sulfate with Al₂(so₄)3.(NH₄)₂so₄.24H₂o

Industrial name: Alum

Aluminum sulfate is a product in crystal, granule or powder shape which it`s solution in water has acidic PH and it is produced by Aluminum hydroxide.

Aluminum sulfate is known as a coagulator of approximately all the impurities in water. The main duty of this combination is supplying the needed ions for neutralizing the colloidal particles in water, in order to arise the possibility of joining the particles together. After break up, this combination rapidly reacts with alkaline agents in water and produces the gelatinous precipice of Aluminum hydroxide that causes absorbing particles and impurities in water.

The uses of Aluminum sulfate:

-Sugar industry

-Tanning industry

-Textile industry

-Paper industry

-Firefighting foam

-Refining oils and fats

-Making Aluminum resins

-Water and wastewater treatment

-canning industry of marine products

-Anti moisture agent in the concrete

-construction of other pure Aluminum salts

-Aluminum soaps and gels as foaming agent

-As the catalyst in the production of ethane

-The industry of producing some metals like zinc

Physical properties:

Appearance: crystal, powder and granules

Color: white

Packing: in 50 kg moisture proof bags

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