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paraffin with CnH2n+2 formula

Description : Scientific name: paraffin with CnH2n+2 formula

Liquid paraffin is classified into three categories: industrial, healthcare and food.

A) Industrial liquid paraffin: this kind of paraffin is produced with by 120-140 - 160-180, 200 flash points and it`s main use is in textile industry, spinning and weaving and it has a wide usage as a lubricant for food industry machinery

B) Sanitary liquid paraffin: sanitary paraffin is used in making Cosmetics - Health products like: hand and face

Creams, skin softener, cosmetic cleanser and producing wipes.

C) Food grade liquid paraffin: this kind of paraffin is completely refined and all toxic and other pollutants are extracted from it.

The uses of paraffin:

- Candle making

- waterproof textile and paper industries

- Industrial Waxes

- Solid inks for copy paper

- Match making

- Base of lubrication products and Vaseline

The chemical analysis of liquid paraffin:

Physical properties:


Shape: liquid

Packing: 220 litters barrels

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